The Hangar Board

With the support of The Rec, we would love to bring your organization, the community, and Hangar Board together for a great cause!


The Hangar Board is a teen run Service Organization for The Rec. Membership to the Hangar Board is open to teens grades 8 through 12. Members of The Hangar Board offer their time and talents wherever is needed in and around The Rec. We believe that everyone has it in them to make a difference in the world…even teenagers. Because we know we can make a difference, we often volunteer to work outside of The Rec with various philanthropies and organizations.  Being a member of The Hangar Board is a great way to learn a new skill, meet others, get your creative juices flowing, and help others.

We are not all about work though! We always have fun when we are doing our various activities, as well as at our weekly meetings where we enjoy crazy games and all around fun and silliness.  Once a year, we also earn ourselves a trip to celebrate all we accomplish during the year. In the past we have gone to Kings Island, Six Flags, and Cedar Point!  We welcome anyone interested in joining, no matter what your interests are. We can use you!

What do we do?

Elementary Nights

One Friday per month during the school year, we provide a night of fun, games, dancing, snacks, face painting, and more for kids in grades 3-5. Elementary nights are held at The Rec in various areas of the facility, all safe and with constant supervision. It is important to us for kids in our community to have a fun, safe, and family friendly entertainment to enjoy that is both low cost and local.

Assist in Youth Activities at The Rec

From time to time The Hangar Board is called upon to help out in various activities such as helping coach or helping out at any of the various Rec Center Programs. These of course vary and are volunteer based. Some of the activities we have helped at are doing demonstrations at the schools for sports programs, helping keep score at games, helping with the first day of season activities, helping set up and tear down various programs.


This is our favorite part of The Hangar Board! It involves us going to various homes after a meeting and putting pink flamingos in the year with a “Pinking Sign”. The game is that the recipient of the pinking has to pay to have the birds removed from their lawn. They have the option to pay extra to send them on to someone else’s yard as well as pay to have insurance to ensure they they don’t get pinked again. It is a fun and silly way to fund raise for our various activities and is always well received!

Annual Auction

The Rec puts on an annual !action in February each year. The teens are a vital part of this event! The Jr. High members are responsible for assisting in set up and tear down for the event and the high school members are responsible for working the evening of the event. The evening is semi formal and the services we provide are valet, doormen and women, coat check, running the 50/50 raffle, being “Vanna’s” during the live auction, helping run tickets during the auction, as well as attending the item pick up table. This is one of The Rec’s most important events and we are happy to help!

The Rec Honey Bee Race

On the Saturday morning of the Honey Bee Festival, there is a 5K walk/race at Twin Lakes on the West side. The Hangar Board members are responsible for taking race information as well as handing out packets and directing racers to their appointed positions. It is a fun way to start off the festivities of the day and we always have great attendance.

Weekly Meetings

Every Wednesday evening from 8:15-9:30, The Hangar Board meets at The Rec.  At these meetings we discuss and plan upcoming events, play games, eat food, and enjoy each others company. We have various committees that are in charge of various activities and planning that is vital to our service group.


How can you help?

If you or an organization that you know of may need our help in some way, don’t hesitate to ask! We will see what we can do! Just call the Rec and leave a message for us and someone will get back to you ASAP!

  • Support us!
  • Encourage your teens or teens you know to get involved!
  • Attend Events yourself! We always have fun at these events and we would love to share the fun with you!
  • BECOME A MEMBER AT THE REC! There are always fun activities to be had by all at The Rec ans we want to see you enjoying yourself!
  • Use us! If you know of an organization that would like to team up with The Hangar Board for a fundraiser or event, Let us know!

We love pets, kids, families, the young at heart! We love hard work, to be involved, to help our community, and to support others. 

There is a yearly $10 Membership Fee


Meet The Hangar Board