Youth Sports

16 Basketball1466 TeeBall 1The REC Youth Sports Programs help kids become not only better players, but better people as well. We have progressive programs, with multiple age-specific levels.

Sports instructions at the REC focuses heavily on teaching basic skills and fundamentals. Every child gets to play half of every game, and the games are safe, exciting, and fun. We encourage fair play, positive competition, character building, teamwork, and family involvement.

47 IMG_0162Sports have always been a mainstay of the YMCA offerings for young people and the REC will continue this. Our Youth Sports Programs fill kid’s discretionary hours with positive 66 TeeBall 2activities and caring adult attention. They also provide important exercise and physical development.

Coaches, often parent volunteers, emphasize teamwork and cooperation rather then winning 17 Basketball111at any cost, and developing good core values rather than over-developing the next superstar. Every child can excel at the skills that matter most. The primary purpose of all REC leagues is to provide a fun and healthy environment for youth to participate in sports. All rules and 39 IMG_0066regulations should be interpreted accordingly. Fair play, good sportsmanship, and respect for all are expected of all players at all times. The REC philosophy is simple: ATHLETES FIRST, WINNING SECOND.


For More Information regarding all of our current yearly sports offerings, see below….

Youth Basketball (Fall & Winter Seasons)

Members : $21      Non-members: $ 42

Division                                            Ages/Grades

Mini                                                     3 1/2 – 5 (pre-k)

Bitty                                                    Grades K – 1

Rookie Girls*                                  Grades 2 – 3

Rookie Boys*                                  Grades 2 – 3


Youth Golf  at Eagle Ridge (Summer & Fall Seasons)

Members: $ 21        Non-Members: $ 42

Division                                              Ages/Grades

Group 1                                            Ages 7 – 10

Group 2                                            Ages 11 – 14


Youth Soccer (Spring & Fall Seasons)

Members: $ 21      Non-members: $ 42

Division                                                 Ages/Grades

Mini                                                         3 1/2 – 5 (pre-k)

Bitty                                                        Grades K – 1

Rookie/Minor                                   Grades 2 – 5

Youth T-Ball (Summer Season)

Members: $ 21        Non-Members: $ 42

Division                                              Ages/Grades

Mini                                                         3 1/2 – 5 (pre-k)

Bitty                                                        Grades K – 1


The REC Code of Conduct

Participants in REC leagues are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the REC mission. The REC reserves the right to suspend players, coaches and/or parents from league matches, and the league as a whole, depending on the severity of the infraction. Inappropriate conduct witnessed by players or non-REC personnel should be reported to The REC staff immediately.

  • Remain in the spectator area during competitions
  • Don’t advise the coach on how to do their job
  • Don’t coach your child during the contest
  • Don’t make insulting comments to players, parents, officials, or coaches of either team
  • Don’t drink alcohol at contests or come to games if you have been drinking alcohol.
  • Cheer for your team! Show interest, enthusiasm and support for your child
  • Be in control of your emotions
  • Help when you are asked to by a coach or an official
  • Thank the coaches, officials, and other volunteers

Inappropriate conduct includes: fighting or threatening to fight, foul language, unnecessary verbal exchange between players, unsportsmanlike conduct.

**There are no circumstances in which a parent or player should confront a referee during or after a game.

**Do not verbally harass a referee. If you must disagree with a call, do so quickly, calmly, and then let it go.

**Coaches will be held responsible for ensuring that parents and players comply with this portion of the code of conduct.


Perks of Playing REC Youth Sports

  • Free Team T-shirt every season
  • Playing with your friends!
  • Learn and improve on the basic skills and fundamentals of each sport
  • Each participant who finishes the season will receive a trophy or medal during our small award ceremony


Ways you can help with The REC Youth Sports Program

  • Be a Coach or Assistant (take control of the entire team or assist the head coach)
  • Be a Parent Volunteer (help the coach at practice or games, bring snacks or goodies to games or practices, run the shot clock and keep score)
  • Be a Sponsor (in exchange for sponsoring t-shirt or jersey needs, your business will get lots of advertising exposure on shirts and our website)
  • Be a Donor to help us keep up with equipment needs
  • Spread the positive word about our great programs and help build our reputation!