Fitness Classes

At The REC, we are striving to meet all your fitness needs. We offer a great mix of fitness programs.

08.29.18 – Our Fall Fitness Class lineup is here!  Spread the word!

**Our Yoga Fit instructor, Samantha Brinkerhoff, is a Certified Midwife, which may require last minute class changes due to the nature of her “on-call” duties.  Please call the Rec for the latest up-to-date information.

Morning HIIT with Beth Graham

Class starts promptly at 5:30 am! This 45 minute class incorporates cardio and weight training for all fitness levels-from beginner to advanced. All of our moves can be modified to work for your fitness level. HIIT stands for “High Intensity Interval Training”. The core component of this class is muscle confusion, which is key to keeping our bodies guessing.

Yoga with Beth Graham & Brittany Rhodes

Yoga can be as much or as little as you want it to be. Some people do it to keep toned, strong, and flexible while others do it for the meditation and stress relief. This is a traditional yoga class with P90X mixed in to help build your core strength. Enjoy the gentle stretching and pose holding positions of the body and meditation of the mind. Focus on breathing in and out, and experience wonderful stress relief.

Power Hour with Drea McCulloch & Vanessa Janis

Looking to lose weight, improve your stamina, tone muscle, or increase strength? You will find the guidance and motivation to do so in this class! This class is designed to help you meet your fitness goals. Our instructors reinforce the fundamentals of form and technique while we build upon your abilities, celebrating your progress as we go! This full-body workout combines elements such as cardio, resistance training, HiiT, weightlifting, running, circuit training, stretching, and more! Participants of any level are welcome as the exercises can be tailored to fit your needs. Those just starting their fitness journey or those looking to level up are more than welcome to join our amazingly
supportive Fit Family!

Functional Fitness with Lisa Foster

Put the ‘FUN’ back in your fitness routine with Functional Fitness! This beginner workout consists of a 5 minute warm up, 35 minutes of cardio and strength workouts set to upbeat music and ends with a 15 minute relaxing stretch session. Functional Fitness is great for someone who needs a low impact workout or is just starting a new exercise routine.

Zumba “Recharged” with Adrienne Hall

Zumba fitness is an upbeat, exciting way to get into shape. Set mostly to rhythms of Latin music, it is a dance fitness class that is sweeping the nation. Not a dancer? No Problem! Just follow my lead and you will be picking up on the steps in no time. Zumba can be modified for any age, size and fitness level. Try it today!  Your body and mind will thank you.

Yoga Fit with Samantha Brinkerhoff

Repetitive flows and muscle holds at various ranges of motion help to build isometric strength. Wonderful for the body and mind.
**Our instructor, Samantha Brinkerhoff, is a Certified Midwife, which may require last minute class changes due to the nature of her “on-call” duties.  Please call the Rec for the latest up-to-date information.

Yoga with Stephanie Lorenzen

This Yoga class is for all ages and fitness levels!  Some people do Yoga to keep toned, strong and flexible while others do it for the meditation and stress relief.  This is a traditional Yoga class that will focus on body stretching to help you wrap up your stressful week and ease into the weekend.  Focus on breathing in and out, and experience wonderful stress relief.

Small Group Training with Greg Metcalf

This class is a way to open the door to working out, and to step up your already existing workout. We focus on different portions of the body, with a healthy competitive atmosphere.  We work for technique and drive for success. Each day we set goals that push our bodies and our minds. No matter if you are new to working out or a veteran, this class will test your strengths and weaknesses.  All of this leads to a healthy balance of strength and cardio!

Power Yoga with Beth Graham

All levels of fitness will enjoy this fast paced yoga class that includes strength training and stretching!

Dance2Fit with Stevie Drake

Join this dance/fitness class to reduce stress, increase energy, improve balance and flexibility, and strengthen your heart and mood.  Stevie  will get you moving to upbeat, modern music in a way that you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even realize you’re exercising!  This class will be “leveling up” to celebrate the one year anniversary of being here at The Rec.  Come see what’s new!

STRONG by Zumba® with Drea McCulloch

STRONG by Zumba® is a total body workout where every move is synced to the music.  This workout includes a combination of cardio,
aerobic, and kickboxing moves designed to help you burn fat, build lean muscle, and tone your abs, arms, legs and glutes.  Although this is not a dance-based program, the driving beat and catchy music will push and motivate you to keep moving.  STRONG by Zumba® can be taught to participants of all abilities since the moves are easily modifiable.  This hour long class will leave you feeling accomplished as you have fun torching calories to some great music!

Spinsanity with Michelle Hall

This class is a high energy workout that’s sure to get your heart pumping in the Vortex room, followed by a 30 minute workout on the mats in the fitness center involving free weights.  This class is truly a total body fitness experience!
*Feel free to come to the entire 1.5 hour class, or mix it up and just participate in the spin class or just take part in the 30 minute mat class.
**Spin fee applies if you take part in the spin class plus the 30 minute mat workout.


Our brand new Spin Program was revealed on July 1, 2017!  Thanks to community group 100 Women Who Care of Edgar County, we were able to purchase 11 Real Ryder spin cycles.  Choose a class time that fits your schedule and come spin with us!

08.29.18 – Our Fall Spin Class Flyer is out!  Spread the word!

We celebrated our One Year Spin-aversary in July 2018!  It’s hard to believe we’ve been spinning for over a year now!  We have learned a lot along the way.  And to celebrate properly, we transformed both our spin room and our spin program.  Above are the “before” pictures.  Below is our new VORTEx room, and we are very proud of the room and the program.  Join us to see what all the hype on social media is about!


Join in on our new Fitness Transformation Challenge! It’s open to the public in general and any businesses, groups or organizations who want to have a fun, friendly competition!

*Fitness Challenges occur at random times throughout the year.  Please check back or call (217) 466-9622 for updated dates and information.