Black Lotus Ju Jit Su

Black Lotus Ju Jit Su teaches Discipline, Leadership, and Self Defense 53 Ju2to children and adults 6 years old and up.  Students are taught basic blocks,punches, kicks,and stances as well as Katas and self defense moves as they progress in rank. Tests are held to test their abilities, belts and ranks are rewarded.

Instructor Randy Turner is a Black Lotus JuJitSu Black Belt (3rd Dan) and an experienced tournament competitor, coach, and judge.  He is also a certified Police Tactics Instructor.

Sensei Randy’s instruction goes on constantly! There’s never a “better time” to join than another.  You can register for any session at any time of the year and be right where you need to be.

61 Ju61

JuJitsu Flyer - Regular Sessions, pt1

  *Additional family members can receive $10 off

59 Ju8

The dates above are the days that classes will be held at the REC. Randy Turner will notify front desk staff of any schedule changes. Please call if  weather conditions are questionable.