To see how we have progressed from the YMCA to The Rec Center, take a trip back in time a few years to early 2014…

Thanks to our generous donors we are able to make some much needed renovation to our building . Phase 1 was included renovating a 4018 sq ft area into the new fitness center which allowed  us to have cardio, selectorized (circuit machines), and free weights all in one area.

Phase 2 has begun with the renovation of the old Nautilus room into the new Playroom.  Once the playroom and new hallway to the Fitness center are complete, we will start renovating the old Hangar Kitchen into a fitness classroom to house Yoga and other fitness classes.  To finish up Phase 2, The Rec will be updating the front lobby and common areas with new paint and tile floors and building a concession stand across from the gym. The front gym will be renovated with resurfaced floors and fresh paint.

Phase 3 will include updating the locker rooms, dance studio, old weight room, and other usable space.


March 12, 2105– The floor is covered to protect the new floor that has been installed in the new babysitting room while we install a new ceiling.  The room is coming along great and we can’t wait to move up front!

FullSizeRender (1)

February 11, 2015 – This week the contractors are back in the building prepping the floor in the new playroom.  The new wood floor will be put down very soon and we can begin the move to the front.


 January 30, 2015– The new tile in the hallway to the Fitness center has been completed.  Benches and a coat rack have been added to allow members to change into clean gym shoes and give them a place to store their belongings.

fitness hallway

 December 9, 2014– Today the contractor is working in the hallway to the fitness center.  They are framing and putting drywall in the space above the door from the front lobby to replace the loose tiles. Flooring should be going down soon!


November 20, 2014 – Phase Two of the renovation have started at The Rec.  A new babysitting room is being built in the old Nautilus room.  The Paris Rotary painted the babysitting room and the new hallway to the fitness center.  Travis is now trimming both rooms.  The floor will  be installed in the next few weeks.

photo 3 photo 2 (3) photo 1 (2)

 May 7, 2014– The Renovation are almost complete in the new Fitness Center.  Our Rogue equipment has been delivered and set up,  GSI has designed and  made several weight storage systems specifically for The Rec, and our Cybex equipment is on the production line as we speak.   We are getting very excited as we are getting closer to being able to use our new fitness center! 

fitness center -rogue drop mat dumbells weight sleds

April 9, 2014 – The floors are down, the walls are painted, the equipment is ordered!  Just waiting for it all to arrive!

photo (32)

March 27, 2014 – Today was a busy day at The Rec.  The crew got a lot accomplished.  The painters finished the accent stripe on the walls today while the contractor and his crew laid the flooring.  They got pretty far today and hope to finish tomorrow.  Things are starting to shape up and look nice.

photo (8) photo (9)photo (10)


March 26, 2014– The Flooring was delivered today for our new fitness center.  They also started painting the accent colors on the walls.  photo

photo (11)

March 18, 2014 – There has been a lot going on behind the scenes in the last month.  I did not post pictures because it looks basically the same, but the new HVAC system has been installed and the walls are painted.  We will be adding some accent colors this week.  We are currently waiting on the flooring to come in and be installed.

red fleck tile

February 18, 2014 – The Space is starting to come together.

photo (20)

February 14,  2014 – This week the contractors worked on installing the new HVAC system.  They also installed an outlet wall for the new treadmills.

photo (7)

photo (5)

photo (6)

February 10, 2014 – Last week the new HVAC system was delivered.  Installation will begin this week.   Painting will also be completed this week.

photo (18)

February 8, 2014 – The new signs are in and ready to be installed on the outside of the building!

photo (19)

February 4, 2014 –  They started painting over the weekend. The walls are almost completely painted.  A new HVAC system will be installed this week.

hangar renovation 2

January 30,  2014 – The painters starting trimming the walls today.  Painting will start tomorrow.  Tonight, they finished installing the ceiling tiles and new light fixtures.

hangar 6 1-30-14


hangar 5 1-30-14

January 29, 2014 – The wall has been blocked up and the ceiling has been painted.  Painting should start tomorrow on the walls.

hangar 3 1-30-13

hangar 4 1-30-14

January 28, 2014 – Everything has been moved out of the hangar and the floors are covered, ready to start painting.

hangar 3 1-28-14

January 23, 2014 – The contractors have started preparing the hangar for the renovations.  Next week they will finish the block and start painting.

hangar 1-23-14

hangar 2 renovation 1-23-14